We’ve made it! Winter is over and it’s time to get those odd jobs done, you put off over Winter!

Spring is a time for transformation and new life. So let’s get some life into our homes and give them a much needed Spring Awakening.

With the weather heating up we should be spending more time having fun in the sun and less time staring at the walls and the floors indoors.

So it’s time to get on the phone and speak to Oz Property Maintenance Group to make sure your outdoor areas are looking at their best.

Here are a few suggestions:


    There’s nothing better than firing up the BBQ with some mates, in the warmer months. With Daylight Saving upon us, why not give your outdoor entertainment area a little sprucing?

    Here’s some inspiration:

    • Build a BBQ;
    • Pergola for Viola;
    • Built-in Bar; or
    • Retractable awnings.

    If you’ve already got a glorious deck it’s so important to maintain and protect it every few years.

    If your deck looks a bit worse for wear, it might be time for some attention:

    • Give it a good thorough clean.
    • Check for loose or damaged boards.
    • Paint or Stain the Deck – but remember to include waterproof and UV protection.
    • Seal the Deck.

    With the hot weather and water restrictions, the grass isn’t always greener and plants can be left looking like that tossed salad you have at the back of your fridge from last month. So what can we do?

    • Pave your outdoor areas;
    • Be creative with landscaping decisions;
    • Pick the right plants and grass; and
    • Add border and retaining walls around the garden beds.


Spring is an excellent time to sell your home. Next month we share all the tips and tricks for maximising your home’s value. Here’s one for free – maintain the front of your property for curb appeal!

As always, for all your property maintenance needs, we’re here to help. Give us a call or jump on the website for a FREE quote!